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So, it has finally happened, I got a tablet!
I always thought they were so hard to find, but I called my local Staples and found out that they had JUST got one shipped in. It cost 200$, but it was well worth it!
That and it was the only one around within a 100 mile radius.
The tablet is amazing, and I will be using it from now on.
It came with a mouse, and when I took out the mouse to test it, I tried testing it on the mouse pad and it wasn't working. I was like "WTF?"
And then the next day I found out that your supposed to use the tablet as the mouse pad, manuals FTW. I can also use the pen as a mouse, which I like better because it makes a cool little water droplet effect whenever you click something.
And I can also use it to write, it recognizes my writing and converts it to the font. I am actually using it right now to write this journal entry, heh, it kinda makes it feel a little more like it's a journal. But sometimes it will mistake commas for periods and periods for commas. It is a little annoying. To tell you the truth, it would be much easier to use the keyboard, but I am determined to write this ENTIRE damn journal entry with the tablet.
Well, that's about it for now.
See ya guys later, and expect much better art now that I have this.

Got a wacom tablet.

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